The Future of Fashion

Whenever you'd watch old movies that were set in the future, you'd often see all members of whatever society, alien or human, wearing the same things.  It was as if all advanced civilizations wore uniforms, usually made of aluminum foil. 

There may be a reason for that, though.  In the era in which those old films were made, people did wear uniforms at all times.  Men wore suits, ties, and hats.  Women wore dresses high heels and beehive hairdos.  And they projected that in the future, things would be much the same.  How wrong they were.

Now, in the real world, you often see people who identify with certain subcultures wearing similar things, but each subculture's fashions are completely different from all the others.  Steampunks wear neo-Victorian suits, gowns, hats and goggles.  Tech-geeks wear the hipster-style t-shirts and jeans with short hair and long beards.  The list goes on.  African-American culture has it's own style, as does each profession.  Teachers are expected to wear certain types of clothes, and so are construction workers.  Goths, nerds, film producers, celebrities.  Each subgroup of human has its own style.  This is now being reflected in our future-based films.

In the otherwise forgettable film adaptation of the MTV cartoon Aeon Flux, a great deal of attention was given to the fashions of the people of the futuristic city of Bregna.  In fact, a whole special feature on the DVD release gets into the costuming.  Below are some stills from the movie showing some of these costumes.

There seems to be a real sense of individualism and culture in these outfits.  And they don't seem like uniforms at all.  Except the ones who are wearing uniforms.

Another film with great Futuristic Fashion is the equally forgettable Ultraviolet.  Look at these.

See what we mean?

Back in the real world, there have been some forward-thinking fashion pioneers who have been creating amazing new fashions with technology.  Some are 3D Printed headwear and bracelets, like these...

...and others are making use of designs and fabrics previously unseen. 

In the near future, we will be wearing our technology.

And even clothes for people who don't like clothes (#freethenipple)

Many futurists and transhumanists are seen posing for photos in Future Fashion.  Here are some recent pics of Miss Metaverse...

And Grey Scott...

One thing is for sure; the future of fashion is not a tin foil uniform, but even more exciting than the movies expected.  Everything from daywear to hairstyles to high-end outfits are getting upgraded. Look at some of these outfits, seen on runways over the last few years.

 So next time you find yourself thinking you have nothing to wear, shed yourself of the idea that you need to have a sort of uniform.  Embrace your individuality and create something that is uniquely you.  Soon, you'll be able to do it yourself.