Tuesday, May 12, 2015


I have spoken with the people at Robot Overlordz podcast and I will be a guest on their show in a few weeks' time.  We will be discussing a number of topics, including the use of technology in education, particularly Special Education, as well as societal trends in wearable computing.

I'll let you all know when to look for it as soon as it happens.


Robot Overlordz Episode 168 - Made in the Future


SPECIAL GUEST: Amy Zalman. The world is changing before our very eyes. On the show we've talked with a number of futurists, many of whom are members of the World Future Society. On this episode, we're joined by the CEO & president of the WFS, Dr. Amy Zalman, to take a look at the role this organization is playing in shaping the changes that are affecting our world. We also talk with Amy about this year's World Future Society Annual Conference, being held July 24th through 26th in San Francisco, titled Making the Future. Recorded 5/3/2015.

It can be downloaded at  https://robotoverlordz.fm/show/228-ep00168-notes

Robot Overlordz - Episode #166 - AgitaTED!!


SPECIAL GUEST: Rachel Haywire (INSTED). Technology. Entertainment. Design. TED. The TED conference and the foundation that runs it have become a viral sensation on the Internet. Their videos have been viewed millions of times by people all over the world. But has this success resulted in a dilution of the very things that TED seeks to promote? We're joined this episode by Rachel Haywire, the founder of INSTED, an anticonference that seeks to create a new space for disruption, dissent and innovation. The first INSTED is set for 5/2/2015 in Los Angeles and there are some bigger possibilities ahead as well. Recorded 4/27/2015.  It can be downloaded at https://robotoverlordz.fm/show/224-ep00166-notes